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Khajiit hail from the south-eastern home province of Elsweyr, and can vary in appearance from the nearly Elven to the Cathay-Raht "Jaguar Men", to the great Seneche-Tiger.  The msot common breed, the Suthay-Raht, is intelligent, quick and dextrous.  Their natural agility and acrobatics make them masters of stealth.

Personality: Khajiit have a natural instinct when in an unknown place to gather and live in clan-like family structures.  This often leads to an area in every large city that acts as the communal "den" for Khajiits who live there or are passing through.  Khajiit culture has no concept of private property – anything in the family and clan is shared between individuals to promote the greater good.  Many will disdain the use of weapons in favor of their natural claws.

Physical Description: Suthay-Raht are 4½ to 5½ feet tall, and often weigh between 90 to 140 pounds.  Their fur patterns often resemble the common house cat, but a few take after the great wild cats such as lions, tigers or cheetahs.  Their eyes look very much like a cats', with a wide, vertical pupil, and a slim iris of yellow and green.  Their hands end in razor-shap claws.  Khajiit do not grow hair like Man or Mer.

Relations: For much the same reason as Argonians, Khajiit do not quickly trust other races.  However, many feel as though the live in some kind of rivalry with their Argonian neighbors.  Many cities have problems with violence between gangs of these opposed peoples.

Alignment: Their wild, cat-like nature tends to make a Khajiit unpredictable and proud.  This results in a preference chaotic alignments, and their devotion to the greater good of their clan and family shows a distinct trend of good alignments.

Adventurers: Much like Argonians, many Khajiit adventurers are escaped or freed slaves.  A great number are also bandits, highwaymen or other rogues that are on the run from their law or their old gang.

+2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma; Khajiit are nimble and strong, but their habits  are disgusting by the standards of others.

Monstrous Humanoid.  Medium size; as a medium creature, you are not under any special circumstances due to size.

The base speed of a Khajiit is 30 feet.

Khajiit characters always treat the following as class skills: Craft (Locksmithing, Trapsmithing), Climb, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Forgery, Knowledge (Local), Move Silently, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, and Tumble.

Claws: Khajiit have sharp, cat-like claws on their hands.  When they make an unarmed strike, they can choose to "claw at" their foe, dealing slashing damage with no penalty to the attack roll.  The player must state his intent to use this feature before making an attack roll.

Eye of Fear (Su): A Khajiit is capable of a deep, toothy smile that can send even a drunken Nord screaming for his mother.  As a swift action, you may make a gaze attack against all creatures that can see you.  Those who fail a Will save (DC = 10 + ½ your HD + Charisma modifier) begin cowering in fear until the end of the start of your next turn.  Whether a creature succeeds or fails in this saving throw, you cannot target the same victim with your Eye of Fear more than once per day.  This counts as an Enchantment [Mind-Affecting, Fear].  A creature may choose to avert your gaze when you try to use this feature; it becomes protected against your attack, but you also gain total concealment against that creature until the start of your next turn.

Eye of Night (Ex): Khajiit are nocturnal predators, who prefer to hunt by the cover of darkness.  As a result, they have a permanent Low-Light Vision capability.  Furthermore, for a number of rounds each day equal to his total hit dice, the character can make use of darkvision.  It is a free action to activate or deactivate his darkvision.  The Khajiit's darkvision is out to five feet times his total hit dice.  The rounds in which he uses this feature do not need to be consecutive.

Feral Shape: Because of the feral shape of an Khajiit's head and legs, he cannot wear closed helms, boots or shoes.

Automatic Languages: Common, Khajiit.
Bonus Languages: Elven, and any as Dunmer.

Favored Classes: Bard, Rogue.
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